Vis Vires Infinitus

Here comes the cliché of music industry, the hard third album. It kinda seems like a curse for all most of the bands. For us, it really didn’t help that most of the songs were rehearsed with three members that were not in the band anymore. But after all that crap, with two session members in a band, the recording and everything else was easy and very pleasant for us. We even got label to release this 🙂 Some of the songs just didn’t work out how they were supposed to work, but that didn’t bother us much. Most important thing was to get us back on the right track and to make this a sort of proof-of-concept. And what that basically mean, is that for the 4th album, when looking for partners, we can send them new songs and say to then “don’t worry about the sounds, we know what we are doing, check out Vis Vires Infinitus”. Distribution and marketing was much better than on previous albums, but obviously there’s room for improvements still. Tomi sang most of this album wearing only pyjamas. Harri was hellish slow like always and that pissed Matti of most of the times. Juha played 44 minute bass solo. M.A videoed his whole drumming session and Matti lost the videos already…

1. Vis Vires Infinitus
2. C’est la Vie
3. I remember
4. Departure
5. Victory Calls
6. Who stole my Winter
7. New Horizons
8. Never Tell
9. Curtain of Darkness
10. Shine on
11. The landing
12. Truth of the Universe

Total playtime: 44:40

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Released 15th of June 2015
Recorded and mixed during autumn 2012 – January 2015
Drums recorded, performed and engineered by Matti Auerkallio
Guitars recorded by Harri Niskanen
Everything else recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by Matti Pulkkinen
Mixed / mastered by Pulkkinen / Niskanen & rest of the gang
Produced by Matti Pulkkinen

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