New Dawn

So, this was the first full-length album from us. It almost didn’t happen, because in the end, Harri had to play drums to this album. Obviously we were really excited about this album and were expecting a lot from it, but in the end, marketing and distribution was quite a disappointment in the end. Album sold pretty good in Japan, but to this day, we haven’t seen the money (more of it on the next page). 4th release and 4th logo for the band also. Reviews were quite good also. Fun fact: Harri played most of this album with a piece of Meetwursti in his lungs (yes, Matti can be cruel leader sometimes). You can as Harri about more details how it got there. After the release, Matti realized that on the first demo, there was a song named “New dawn” also and that the album was not intentionally named same.

1. Follow me
2. New Dawn
3. Cut Deep Eternally
4. Disfunctional
5. In Winter Nights
6. In My Dreams
7. Rain & Storm
8. Through Winterland
9. Fly High, rise to the sky

Released 8th of September 2004 (22th of Sep. in Japan)(Mastervox records)

Recorded and mixed during October 2003 – May 2004 in Mastervox Studios

Engineered by Kari Vähäkuopus & Matti Pulkkinen

Mixed and produced by Immu Ilmarinen

Drums performed by Harri Niskanen, except #6 by Tero Maijala

Distributed by Playground music

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