Beginning of new times for Ultimatium, since lot had changed since “New dawn”. We had grown bit older, not that much wiser. Although not that succesful album, this had big importance for the future: we did most of the recording work by ourselves, which then obviously lead to the current state of DIY mentality of the band. And yet again, this album almost didn’t happen either, after a lot of delays and weird things with the label, we practically had to force the label to allow us start recordings. A lot of difference of opinions about the “readiness” of the material, so to say. And again, disappointment in distribution and marketing, big time. This album was first one to actually be licensed to Japan, but we have no idea how much was sold. And no money from this one also. Behind it is a sad story about founder and president of Soundholic records passing away (btw. if anybody knows who’s taken care of the soundholic records case when they went down, we’d appreciate if you’d give us a hint, at least would be fun to know how many albums they sold in the end). Anyways, this album and the fact that we had no Japanese label anymore, was the beginning of the end for our cooperation with Mastervox records. No meetwursti was involved when recording this album 🙂

1. Fight the time
2. Dreamlife
3. Set the sails
4. Storms
5. Descent
6. On the edge
7. Play the game
8. Whispers (of the world)

Total playtime: 44:01


Released 16th of April 2008 (Mastervox records, Japan: 25th of September, Soundholic records)

Recorded and mixed during August 2006 – July 2007

Engineered & recorded by Matti Pulkkinen & Harri Niskanen

Mixed and produced by Immu Ilmarinen & Ultimatium

Distributed by Supersounds

Extra vocals on #6 by Ari “Nipa” Nissilä & M. Pouke

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