Hold your ground

After the break up with Mastervox, obvious thing was to record a new demo in order to get us a new label. Well, that didn’t work out so well as we thought. Sounds in this album were not what we hoped for and neither was the reception in media. But still, a good lesson for us, if nothing else. During this time and especially after releasing this, there was a lot of dispute in the band, which, honestly speaking, can be heard in this album (more of that in History). Sometimes a bit of chaos and division can bring people closer to each other and that happened between Matti, Harri and Tomi, so despite the “split” of the band, the core became much more united. And no, we were not signed to anybody with this album…

1. C’est la vie
2. Curtain of Darkness
3. Hold your ground
4. Shine on

Total playtime: 19:21


Released 3rd of February 2011

Recorded and mixed during August 2010 – January 2011

Engineered & recorded by Matti Pulkkinen & Harri Niskanen

Mixed and produced by Ultimatium

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