Follow the Star

3rd demo was the one that suddenly ended our career as a “demo-band”. Suddenly as we had no idea that anybody would like to sign a band without a drummer. But we got a couple of deal offers anyways, timing just was right. Harri played both guitar and bass on this album and almost played the drums as well, but the “In winter nights” was just too fast for him, at that time 😉 Also for the first time, we had one singer singing the whole record, so that was nice. This was said in review by and it perfectly describes our Finnish mentality (translated from Finnish, obviously): Band warns in cover letter about machine drums and basses played by guitarist. That is unnecessary. You should never belittle your album, not even if it vituttaa (this Finnish word doesn’t translate that good) yourself

1. Follow the Star

2. In Winter Nights

3. Through WinterLand

4. AngelWing

Released July 2003 (sold out)

Guitar & bass by Harri Niskanen, Keybs by Pulkkinen, Vocals by JT Partanen

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