End of Darkness

2nd demo… After first one, Matti was not sure if he should continue making more own albums, but was more keen on finding a band to play in. After encouraged by his friends in Oulu, especially one called Kepa, he composed and recorded something that was really the kickstart to Ultimatium. Yes, still some virtual instruments like bass and drum, but the thing that really the game was of course now very famous Jarkko Ahola. His brilliant voice lifted the song “Soldier of light” on top charts in mp3.com (yes, it still exists) and gave some much needed hope for Matti to continue the quest. Matti met J Ahola in 2016 and asked him if he still remembers his appearance in the release and his reply was “Yes, I remember the awful reverb in the vocal mix” 😀 And that’s true, it was awful…

1. Soldier of Light (Vocals by J.Ahola, guitars by Henkka & Tuomo)
2. Angel (Vocals by Marika, guitars by Tuomo and Riku)
3. I Search the Light (Vocals by M.P, guitars by Henkka & Tuomo)
4. End of Darkness (instr. Guitars by Tuomo)
5. I Will Wait (Vocals by Mirella, guitars by Tuomo)

Released December 2002 (sold out)

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