Part 4.4 The annoying part

As the album was pretty much completed at February / March 2020 and as the shit just kept hitting all the fans around the world, we started looking for a label to license the album. We found a perfect cover for the album from CadiesArt and bought it and make a nice promo package that we sent to tens of labels. The respose rate was bit weird: from around 20 emails sent, only three ever replied, one was a clear no and two said yes. So, at least we had something to choose. And it’s actually surprisingly hard to find labels, there quite a lot of them and not all have clear submission information, so you just have to dig out some email addresses and so on and keep sending the email… Maybe net time we outsouce this task to someone with better contacts than we 😀

After the mid-summer parties in Finland, we locked our decision to Rockshots Records, since they offered the best promotional value for the album. Deal was signed at the end of June 2020 and the release date was set to 27th of November. Lots of marketing material needed to be filled out with the RS and also three videos needed to be made. We had recorded all the vocal parts with camcorder so we deciced to use those for the videos and RS guys made a fantastic job converting tham into music videos. Almost all the vocal takes on those videos are actualy ones that is heard on the album, Matti P seeked them out from the hours and hours of material and lip-synced to the master.

Final mix & master was done during July / August 2020 and we were ready for the first single release in September. The heat was on for coule of months, a lot of promotion was done with the sinles and finally on the 27th of November, almost three years after the the drumstick first hit the snare when Matti A recorded the drums, the masterpiece on 70minutes progpower theme opera Virtuality was out!