Part 2.3, Work, work, work

2008-2009 Ultimatium started seriously working with their third album. Pre-production demos with Tomi’s vocals were recorded and in the end of December 2008, Ultimatium got what they wanted: a brand new bass player to replace hole left by Tuomo Juntunen. Mikko proved to be most skillful with great sound and a matching persona and big thanks for finding him to us goes to Samu Siltakoski. With our pack completed, we started rehearsing for new songs.

For the first time, many songs got new looks in rehearsals and got shaped to be a songs of Ultimatium, not just Matti’s writings… Everybody was thrilled with new songs and without a doubt, we were 100% sure that this album was going to be greatest piece of art ultimatium has ever made… Well, at least almost everybody were thrilled… And sometimes, it need only one to throw the shit into a fan and it spreads on everyone’s face.

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