Part 1.5, Out of the dawn and away

The second album was been planned already after the recordings of New Dawn. As the songs were ready, we had some great time to get couple of gigs before actual process of next album.

We got a great opportunity as Marko Kemppainen from the same city won the olympic silver medal and we were asked to play in his “welcoming celebrations”. Without much of rehearsing we went and played couple of songs there and somebody even liked us (thus there were mostly old people). A great first performance and a lot of audience.

It seemed like we wouldn’t get any gigs for the remaining year, but suddenly something started to happen. In a matter of weeks we confirmed to play at Hevimesta, Oulu and Kalpea Kukko, Kajaani (with To/Die/For). Show at Hevimesta was AWESOME (although we weren’t happy with our own performance), thanks to our many fans, who have supported us from the Very beginning. You’re great! And show in Kajaani… Man, It was also great, it was fun to warm up for To/Die/For.

What I could not foreseen was that before the two gigs, our singer JT informed me that he doesn’t want to continue in Ultimatium. The announcement was total surprise to us, but perhaps it was only a matter of time and somehow we all could expect this to happen. JT’s a great guy, but he’s totally different kind of person than we rest of us are. As we hang out in the bars ’till the dawn, JT did not. As we smelt bad and looked bit ill next day, JT did not… There was always a lack of comedy and laughter with JT. Perhaps powermetal just wasn’t his thing…

Now, before the recordings of yet unnamed, highly better next album, we are more than happy announce, that the hole that was left from JT, will be filled and overwhelmed by my (Matti speaking here) friend from the times of Santhyr, mr. “Dragonslayer”, currently “Dark Lord”, TOMI VIILTOLA!!! This time I’m quite sure that the personal chemistry will match better than it did with JT, since Viiltola still owns me couple of beers 🙂 Tomi’s heavier voice, his wicked sense of humor, attitude and appearance will surely please us much. You’ll see (and hear). END OF THIS CHAPTER…

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