Part 1.4, Waiting for the New Dawn

At this point it was obvious that we cannot continue with Tero on the drums, due to his lack of skills and “power”, so we were once again forced to find another drummer. This time the old finnish proverb “Ei kannata mennä merta edemmäs kalaan (no need to go beyond the sea to get some fish (or something like that))” was true again. We didn’t have any clue that our HC-Punk-drummer-friend was skilled also with double pedals and he would be interested in playing power metal. So on one friday night, when Petteri was tasting some beer, Matti asked him to join Ultimatium, or at least to try some rehearsals. So next week we went to rehearsals with Petteri on the drums. Things started to look bright again and after couple of rehearsals, although Petteri still hesitated his own skills, Matti was looking happy and was sure that we won’t need to find another drummer. Petteri’s punk-background was enough to speed his playing into a much more than we needed at this point.

As the drummer part was ok, we started to arrange a music video from the song “Follow me”. Our producer had an idea of the video and we contacted with Marko Haapala from Kuhmo. He has good experience in creating a music video from scratch and with almost zero-budget. After some arrangements, on our winter holiday, we went to Oulunsalo to shoot the band part of the video. At the evening, after the twilight, there was almost -20 degrees of celsius, but with the aid of some alcohol we managed to stay “warm” and after some serious technical problems we managed to get some material also… The video was finished and freely released at the same date than the Mastervox Metalsingle II.

Now, before the release of New Dawn, we can assure that our many rehearsal sessions have not gone in vain and you will also hear it live. Songs carry out with more tempo than on record and it brings us great advantage and energy on the stages. If you would have been on our secret gig, you would know what we mean and the witnesses, who were there, know that also. Now, all the we need is to get some gigs and a chance to proof our skills and justify our existence in metal scene…

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