Part 1.3, Rise of the New Dawn

Everything seemed to be fine, the Mastervox studios was booked for a month for us and everything seemed to be in order as we started our intensive recording session. But little did we know of our drummer, Tero Maijala… At the first days of drum recordings it was clear that his style of playing was way too light and “folkish” for us. After trying and trying we did not have a choice but to take out our wild card and put Harri behind the drums. Although he first hesitated and didn’t want to play, we managed to record all the drum tracks and we were more than satisfied to the fact that nothing could stop us now. While Kakke was mixing the drums, Matti recorded the keyboard parts with another recording set.

The bass lines were recorded in ten hours, during two days and we all were really surprised about that. Guitars were recorded next with some extra equipment we managed to obtain. And finally, as we got our singer to the studio, we continued recording guitars in the mornings and vocals in the evenings. Time was to end too soon and so our working hours were really long, example on thursday morning we started at 10.00am and finished at 2.00am at the friday morning. Recording had to be stopped during the “South Park” because the tired minds were too tired to resist the immature ass humor. And on sunday we all headed back to the wilderness, happy and in hangover. Quite many bottles of beer drunken, many whiskey drinks in the bar, too many hangovers, one pizza-accidence and lot’s of bad humor… But we did it…

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