Part 1.1, The awakening

At the beginning of year 2003 Harri Niskanen and Tuomo Juntunen joined our band and from that point, it was obvious that my solo-project had turned into a band. Next May, we hooked up with a singer JT Partanen and he promised to sing our next demo, which we called “Follow the Star”. We hit the Suomussalmi Nuokkari’s studio at the beginning of June and we recorded guitars and basses there. Keybs were recorded during spring. We still didn’t have a proper drummer, so we had to use drums machine… We released the demo at the beginning of July and it was well received in netzines and on music sites. Song “In Winter Nights” was #6 on Metal chart and also it hit the #39 on’s power metal charts. After this “huge” success, we took our songs from web and soon we’ll tell you why, on part 2.

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