Part 4.2 Choosing the theme

The songs were introduced to guys and thei gave all thumbs up, so it was time choose the theme for the album. Matti P quickly crafted five different theme ideas with short description of the overall mood/setting. One being an idea about near future virtual reality game. Since Matti P is quite a tech nerd, has worked on gaming industry and has to deal with the vocabulary of that theme on daily basis, it was the obvious choice.

Usually with us lyrics writing happens about the same time the songs is made, but this time all the songs were almost without lyrics (there was some choruses where Matti had already planned something, like in “Scream”). So, on one July weekend, Matti P went to Harri’s place and took a notebook with him, with the intention of writing couple of lyrics while Harri does some demo guitars. Unfortunately (and this is how it usually goes), Harri had noticed that his guitar needs bit of a maintenance, so during that weekedn, no guitar was played, but Matti P wrote the whle story on one weekend.

After that weekend, with all the lyrics being in one handwritten notebook, Matti P still had to deciprher his own poor handwriting and polish the texts to fit the songs, although arrangements of the lyrics was already at quite good level.