Part 3.5, Post-Vires

So, the Vis Vires Infinitus was released, then what? Well, not a lot… There was some marketing going on, interview etc, small stuff, yet bigger than ever. Sadly it started to look like that the reviewers were not that happy with the album. For me it seemed that those that heard the band first time, were giving better ratings and those that had already been listening our previous albums were bit disappointed… That didn’t really matter, at least they were writing of us 🙂 After all, we proved ourselves and everyone else that the diy mentality was enough to produce high quality album sounds wise, so it’s something that’s good to build on.

We were trying to organize some gigs also, but for some reason, answers to our requests were zero, literally. We did get one gig offer, but unfortunately the timings were against us. So, probably after 6 months, we just called it a quits and Matti started focusing on new songs.

Quite early in the composing process, it started to seem that this time also, those familiar with songs from first two albums are going to be disappointed. But then again, we’re doing this mainly for us, it’s just glad someone else likes those songs too.

But let’s not go do deep to the topic of 4th album, so I won’t spoil anything, yet 🙂

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