Harri in action

So, we’ve spend our autumn (yes, it seems like we’re stuck in everlasting autumn here in southern Finland) by recording vocals, acoustic guitars and mixing the album, hooray. Usually, when we have reached the point where Harri has to grab the acoustic guitar to his hands, that has meant we’re pretty close to finish line…but not this time, sorry 😀

What is there still eft to do then one might ask… Well, solos, for starters, small polishing round for some lead vocals, a lot on background vocals, perhaps more keyboards and layers and layers of symphonic stuff, propably 🙂 Yeah, and of course we need to find someone to release this bundle of ProgPower.

That being said, we start contacting labels earliest at springtime… So lease be patient and check for news time to time. I know, we have revealed only bits and pieces of the album and not a lot of details nor concrete blocks of songs or sampler or anything… But that’s because we’ve done so in the past and this time we’re doing things bit differently, so stay tuned. And meanwhile, enjoy this clip of Harri playing his first ever (semi)acoustic song of Ultimatium

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