Spring 2019

It’s been a while, again, since out latest post. What we’ve been up to? Harri is (still) finishing guitars, now actively doing acoutics and clean guitars. Meanwhile Petteri got his bass tracks done and here’s what he has to say:

Hi Ultimatium-people!

I’ve been honoured to be a part of next upcoming Ultimatium release. My old time friend Matti with whom I had played in DIO tribute band Angry Machines contacted me on summer 2018 and asked if I was intrested to play Bass for the next album Ultimatium had been working with. I’ ve been Ultimatium fan and it was an easy decision for me. Hell yeah!

Due to time schedules and location these recordings decided to do in my homestudio using an easy and simple setup (of course for bass players 🤓).
I got the material and started to work with those good sounding intresting progressive songs. First by listening raw material, composing bass lines and then of course I needed to learn to play those songs. And at last the difficult part : get them recorded! Now after 6 months and hours and hours spent by beating the bass recordings are almost ready and the focus is on producing the bass tracks. Some re-amping and sound adjustments needs to be done before mixing process. Those are done soon!

It has been a very nice and demanding project. I have enjoyed a lot to create and record music. Eventhough it has taken more time than I assumed. First deadline we had was end of 2018… But I wanted to do my best and actually I have spent quite much time for capturing the ”magic” takes. Hopefully it has been worth it…

I really look forward to hear the final version of the album. And I hope You enjoy it !

Until that Stay tuned!

Big Bottoms,
Petteri Gullsten

So, what’s next then? Tomi will start his parts real soon and we’ll start the mixing process as well. Matti Auerkallio wil be singin some bacjground vocals as well. And after that, there’s still solos to be played 🙂

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