Days 4 & 5

I apologize for my tardiness, I have been extraordinarily tired.

Regardless, the drums are finished, day 4 occurred on Monday 22.1. and day 5 on Wednesday 24.1. That Tuesday in between I felt quite sick, there was a flu going around, and I think it was doing it’s best to infest my body, but little did it know it was trying to fuck with a superhuman immunity system, what’s up?!

I knew I was going to be fine the next day, so I nailed the last of them with ease on the 24th. There were only 6 left after day 3 and I was done with almost all of the hard ones by then already.

The entire process took an easy 24h of work from the moment I touched the kit for the first time with these songs to that last stroke stricken. Four 6 hour sessions, 3 songs per session, my 16″ china and both of my crashes are completely done (they barely survived my last tour in China, and I use 2B sticks) but I am very happy with my work. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Now it’s off to a little bit of editing, bouncing the tracks and letting mr. Pulkkinen and the others take over.

PS. I videoed almost all of one of the songs on the last day. I think there might be some more video following later. Stay tuned, you magnificent bitches.

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