Ultimatium: Melodic progpower from Finland

This the official website of Ultimatium, metal band formed 2001 in Suomussalmi, Finland. Ultimatium has released three full length albums and is currently recording the fourth album. Check out history-section for more details.

Ultimatium’s fourth studio album, “Virtuality” has been licensed to Rockshots Records! Release date is 27th of November. More info to come!

Ultimatium has come raging back from the wintry mountains as if they’d never left with an impressive beast of an LP in Vis Vires Infinitus that re-establishes the majesty that was accomplished years ago on Hwainoo

(hells_unicorn, Metal Archives)

ULTIMATIUM brings tight, heavy musicianship and dynamic vocals to the table, more like an American Power Metal band than their European counterparts

Andrew Sifar / Metal Temple

Check out the studio blog of “Virtuality”-recordings!